Technical Training Held In Bogotá

On Monday, May 6th, the first training about the OPAL platform in Colombia took place. The Universidad del Rosario, a member of the OPAL CODE in Colombia, welcomed participants at their premises in the center of Bogotá.


The training was held at the Universidad del Rosario in Bogota, Colombia


Participants included representatives from:

  • Friendly User Testers: technical teams involved in the use cases from DANE, Unidad Nacional de Gestión del Riesgo, Fundación Ideas para la Paz and Universidad del Rosario.

  • CODE members: DNP, Telefónica

  • Invited institutions: Inter-American Development Bank, iNNpulsa Colombia, Fundación Karisma


The training began with a keynote from Emmanuel Letouzé about the role of Big Data and AI in measuring and achieving Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on OPAL as a vision to change how data and algorithms are used to improve the state of the world.

The second section’s purpose was to provide a detailed presentation of the OPAL platform including: i) architecture and different components; ii) data structure and data preparation process ; iii) privacy features; iv) algorithm development process. In addition to the presentation, a high level technical document was shared with participants.

Then, a last section in the afternoon consisted of a working session on the use cases proposals, where all FUTers contributed to solving methodological issues and questions about the different use cases. FUTers also commented on the parameters of a possible new algorithm about migrations that could be developed by Universidad del Rosario.